Leeds Amateur Operatic Society (LAOS) is a leading musical theatre company based in Leeds with a reputation for spectacular professional productions. I was asked by the group to develop a website that would enable them to promote their regular shows at The Leeds Grand and West Yorkshire Playhouse, attract new members, document past productions, as well as being a key information resource for members.

Penny was very easy to work with throughout the project, amiable and cooperative. She discussed recommendations and added value at each step. from her brief to delivery she was thoroughly professional and organised. Since launch the LAOS website has received wonderful feedback from members and the general public and has allowed us to expand advertising and contact methods with both members and non members. We are inundated with people wanting to join the society and the mailing list which shows the success for the signposting for these elements. We hope now to build on our success by using the flexible CMS system to update our site with the most up to date content and maximise its marketing potential.

LAOS Marketing Manager

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